Whole body phantom

What are EM Phantoms?

EM Phantoms are physical models of the human body that accurately reproduce the effect of the body on electromagnetic radiation. SPEAG's whole and partial body EM phantoms represent humans in term of dielectric properties in a wide range of frequencies from below 3 GHz to above 6 GHz. They enable reproducible and consistent Over-The-Air (OTA) evaluation of wireless devices operating in the proximity of the body. 



Certification of mobile phone devices according to the CTIA OTA certification standards

Performance evaluation of body area networks and body-worn and wearable devices such as hearing aids, bluetooth headsets, smart glasses, smart watches and smart clothing

Drive/Field testing of mobile phones under actual network conditions

Inside laboratory GPS testing using phantoms with realistic arm and leg movements e.g. walking and jogging

Performance assessment of medical devices with in- or on-body transmitters, wireless physiological sensors and fitness monitoring devices

Standard Compatibility

SPEAG's unique silicone-carbon-based recipe is fully compliant with hand definitions of CTIA OTA certification standard "Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the-Air Performance", Revision 3.7 (June 2017)

Low-loss shells defining head and torso phantoms are fully compliant with CTIA OTA certification standard "Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the-Air Performance", Revision 3.7 (June 2017)

Broad-band body and head simulating gel/liquid filling is fully compliant with head and body definitions in CTIA OTA certification standard and the FCC SAR measurement guidance "FCC KDB 865664"

Whole-Body Phantom

SPEAG's whole body phantom POPEYE-V5.5 enables performance evaluations of body-worn and wearable devices and body area networks in any realistic posture. It comes with a robust and easy posture adjustment mechanism and a low-RF-loss STAND-V5.1 for accurate positioning and transportation

Partial Body Phantoms

SPEAG's wide range of partial body phantoms enable evaluation of antenna performance for hand-held devices and devices mounted on the wrist, ear, nose and other parts of the body. High-end low-loss fixture solutions enable accurate and repeatable positioning of the device under test in test position

Customised Phantoms

SPEAG offers device specidfic phantoms with customised hand grips, postures, anatomy and dielectric properties.

Together with our research partner IT'IS foundation we offer customised solutions for testing of in- and on-body medical devices and physiological sensors using phantoms with relevant tissues and organs. Homogeneous, layered, multi-tissue and multi-organ phantoms in generic and anatomical forms available using a wide range of tissue-simulating media at an extended frequency range. MRI measurements using head and torso phantoms with realistic dielectric loads are also possible. Tissue simulating media with tissue realistic TS1 and TS2 are under development.


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