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The following files are reserved for DASY52 / DASY6 customers.

Please consult the following instructions in order to download your files:

HowTo Download, 5 kB (TXT)


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1. License Installer & Download Code Generator

License Installer, 90 MB (EXE)

2. Readme

ReadMe, 5 kB (TXT)

3. DASY Software Installers

DASY52 Installer for Windows XP, 7, 8/8.1 (200 MB, EXE)
   valid only for CS8c/TX robots
cDASY6 Installer for Windows8/8.1 & Windows 10

4. Manual & Documentation

DASY6 System Handbook (October 16 Edition), 15 MB
DASY6 Certificate of Conformity (June 16 Edition), 5 MB

5. Additional Files

SPEAG Communication Systems 20161116, 3 MB (XML File)


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