DAK - Dielectric Assessment Kit 

What are DAK and DAKS?

The Dielectric Assessment Kit (DAK) is ideal for all applications where high-precision dielectric parameter measurements (permittivity, conductivity, loss tangent) are required, including applications in the electronic, chemical, food, and medical industries. The dielectric probes are designed for fast, precise, non-destructive, and user-friendly measurements of liquids, solids and semi-solids over the 10 MHz – 67 GHz frequency range.

DAKS are the first-ever instrument to perform accurate, simple, and convenient dielectric measurements in the frequency range between 10 MHz – 14 GHz. The probe can be moved to the media under test to directly measure the dielectric parameters, thus eliminating phase distortions due to cable movements.

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What are the Unique Features of DAK/DAKS?

Broad Frequency Range

The DAK technology extents the frequency range from 10 MHz – 67 GHz with only 3 probes and without compromise on uncertainty:

DAK-12: 10 MHz* – 3 GHz (*improved algorithms applied between 10 – 50 MHz)

DAK-3.5: 200 MHz – 20 GHz

DAK-1.2: 5 – 50 GHz

DAK-1.2E: 5 – 67 GHz 


DAKS Systems

DAKS-12: 10 MHz – 3 GHz w/ integrated Vector Reflectometer ()

DAKS-3.5: 200 MHz – 14 GHz w/ integrated Vector Reflectometer (R140, Copper Mountain Technologies)

High Precision DAK Probes

  • Manufuctured with maximum precision to minimize unwanted reflections.
  • Materials and shapes optimized to ensure excellent contact with the material under test; easy to clean to avoid cross contamination between probe and material; newly developed novel algorithms extend the frequency range of DAK probes down to 10 MHz (DAK-12) and up to 67 GHz (DAK-1.2E) with minimum uncertainty penalty.
  • Many innovations integrated into the shorting block for excellent system calibration, key for highly accurate and precise measurements. 

Easy To Use & Fast

  • Intuitive user-friendly DAK interface provides a wide range of graphical and numerical analyses.
  • Software developed by the IT'IS Foundation; advanced algorithms for fast, high-precision measurements; choice of complex permittivity parameters (ε', ε", σ, tanδ) plotted in a variety of data formats: linear, logarithmic, Smith charts, Cole-Cole plot, and tabular.
  • Robust data analysis suite enables data to be fit to analytical curves, compared with target parameters, with  tolerance and uncertainty ranges.

Wide Range of Dielectric Parameters

Precise measurements over a broad range of dielectric parameters:

  • εr: 1 – 200
  • tanδ min.: below 10−5
  • tanδ max.: greater than 10

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Automation Built-in Python interface for powerful extended control of equipment and data analysis; several formats for data import and export; data export for use with DASY6 and SEMCAD X.

DAK interfaces with the most popular vector network analyzers on the market; ever expanding list of compatible VNAs. 

Calibration according to SPEAG's high-quality standards; DAK probe calibration included within the scope of SPEAG's ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation; suitable for measurements with small and known tolerances.
The DAK Verification Kit provides a quick and easy tool to verify the measurements made by the Dielectric Assessment Kit. 

High level support directly available from the research & development and advanced application teams in Zurich.

Daily support available directly from from the nearest SPEAG representative.

Custom-Made Features & Solutions

Upon request

Our DAK options are the most cost-effective solutions on the market. To receive a quotation or to learn more, please contact your nearest SPEAG representative or write to us at info@speag.com.

Data visualization in various formats: Smith chart, linear charts, and difference chart.
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