DAK - Dielectric Assessment Kit / DAKS

What is DAK?

Dielectric Assessment Kit (DAK) is the first product of our dielectric spectroscopy product line. It is ideal for all applications where high-precision dielectric measurements are required (permittivity, conductivity, loss tangent), including applications in the electronic, chemical, food and medical industries. The dielectric probes are designed for fast, precise, non-destructive and easy to use measurements of liquids, solids and semi-solids in the 10 MHz to 67 GHz frequency range.

What is DAKS?

DAKS is the first-ever instrument to accurately, simply, and conveniently perform dielectric measurements in the frequency range between 200 MHz – 14 GHz. The probe can be moved to the media under test to directly measure the dielectric parameters, thus eliminating phase distortions due to cable movements. 

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What are the Unique Features of DAK/DAKS?

Broad Frequency Range

We have extended the frequency range from 10 MHz to 67 GHz. This range can be covered without compromising the uncertaitny with only three probes:

DAK-12: 10 MHz* - 3 GHz (*improved algorithms applied between 10 - 50 MHz)

DAK-3.5: 200 MHz - 20 GHz

DAK-1.2: 5 GHz - 50 GHz

DAK-1.2E: 5 GHz - 67 GHz (release 3Q13)

We have introduced the first-ever instrument that is a portable, robust a d easy-to-use dielectric measurement system:

DAKS: 200 MHz - 14 GHz w/ integrated Vector Reflectometer (R140, Copper Mountain Technologies)

High Precision

The probes are manufuctured with maximum precision to minimize unwanted reflections.

The material and shape of the DAK probes are optimized to ensure excellent contact with the material under test. They can be cleaned easily to avoid any contamination between probe and material. Novel algorithms for extending the frequency range of DAK-12 down to 10 MHz and up to 67 MHz with a minimum uncertainty penalty have been developed.

Many innovations have been integrated in the shorting block that provides excellent system calibration. This is key for highly accurate and precise measurements. 

Easy To Use & Fast

The DAK user interface is intuitive to use and provides a wide range of graphical and numerical analyses.

The software uses advanced algorithms for fast, high-precision measurements developed at the IT'IS Foundation. It allows you to view your choice of the complex permittivity parameters (ε', ε", σ, tanδ) in a variety of data formats (linear and logarithmic charts, Smith chart, Cole-Cole plot and tabular). Our robust data analysis suite enables you to fit data to analytical curves, compare data with target parameters, and view tolerance and uncertainty ranges.

Wide Range of Dielectric Parameters

The DAK provides precise measurements in a broad range of dielectric parameters:

εr: 1 - 200

tanδ min.: below 10-5

tanδ max.: greater than 10

Download Product Flyer (PDF, 1.0 MB)

Automation Control of equipment and data analysis can be powerfully extended with our built-in Python interface. Data can also be imported in several formats and exported for use with DASY52 and SEMCAD X.

DAK interfaces with the most popular vector network analyzers on the market. The list is continuously expanded. 

Calibration is performed according to SPEAG's high-quality standards. Dielectric probe calibration is included within the scope of our  ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation and warrants measurements with small and known tolerances.

High level support is available directly from the research & development and advanced application teams in Zurich.

Daily support directly from from the nearest SPEAG representative.

Custom-Made Features & Solutions

on request

Our DAK options are the most cost-effective solutions on the market. To receive an offer and to learn more, please contact nearest SPEAG representative or write to info@speag.com.


Data visualization in various formats: Smith chart, linear charts, Cole-Cole display and tabular.
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